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5 Steps To Clean-Pet Stains From Your Carpet

4 Steps To Clean Pet Stains From Your Carpet

4 Steps To Clean Pet Stains From Your Carpet.

Many homeowners like to have indoor pets, and most of us count these pets as family members. But as a pet owner, you know how one’s home can quickly adopt a barn smell. Let’s face it, owning indoor animals can be hard work. Especially having small breeds that think carpet is the perfect place to release waste. How many times have you put down a pee pad only to have your pet go around it instead of on it? The struggle is real.

Some breeds are difficult to train and we feel to sorry for them to keep them kenneled up all the time. So we’re faced with a serious dilemma.

How to clean pet stains in the carpet?

4 Steps To Clean-Pet Stains

No matter how dedicated we are to try and keep accidents from happening, it doesn’t take long before you have an odor issue. Having a strong animal smell at home will definitely leave a bad impression on company. Quite a few instances, homeowner learn the benefits of professional carpet cleaning the hard way. When it’s a little too late. And these kinds of scenarios can leave a strong lingering smell, and as most learn, it is super difficult to get rid of odor completely. The hideous smell could dwell around for weeks or years unless you decide to get it cleaned with the support of experienced cleaners.

5 Steps To Clean Pet Stains From Your Carpet


Test out these necessary cleansing steps you can attempt following time your pet ruins your carpet.

Tip #1 – Act Quickly 

The initial and the most critical time to clean an accident is now. Try not to procrastinate and get it cleaned up as soon as physically possible. The longer that stains dwell the stronger the bond is to the fabric or material. Pet waste is organic and believe it or not it pact with living organisms at the microscopic level. When these organisms begin to die they will fuse with their environment. It’s best to clean accidents as soon as they happen.

Tip #2 – Get the Bulk of it out ASAP 

When finding a pet potty spot, you should clean stains from carpet with a paper towel to start, and attempt to remove as much as you can. By doing this, you will get the bulk of it out. That said, unfortunately you’re not done yet. There is still waste clinging to the fibers and further cleaning is required.

Tip #3 – Thorough Deep Cleaning the Stain 

Warning: always test a small area of your carpet before using household chemicals on carpet as carpet fibers are made of different material and may cause permanent staining.
Right after you have finished removing the bulk of it, the real cleaning process starts. Make a combination of equal parts water and white vinegar as it will dissolve the stain and neutralize the odor. Dab the solution on the stain until the stain is almost gone. Then apply some baking soda on the stain while it’s still damp and massage it in lightly. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes, and dab rinse with water. Soon after that, get a cotton towel and get half of wet with warm water. You can repeat these steps until the spot is gone or close enough.

.Tip #4 – Neutralize the Odor 

Don’t skip this step. You just put in a lot of effort and hard work cleaning the spot on the carpet but odors will stay for an extended time if left untreated. There are many store-bought products to choose from. Specially look for a bio-break down solution that has enzymes. These enzymes will continue to chomp away any organic matter left in the carpet to help neutralize ongoing smells.

If you have pets, consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning expert to come in a few times a year to perform a deep steam cleaning.

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