Most people would agree that their personal appearance is an important factor. But most people are also obsessed with their car detailing as well, like in a good way. The neat & tidy compulsion is actually a characteristic strength and statistics show that people who hate clutter and grime are very dependable. However even the best of us let things go for too long, due a busy schedule and lifestyle. That’s why Fort Wayne Auto Detailing eliminates the burden of scheduling pick-up and drop-off time by providing an on site car detailing service.

What is Car Detailing?

Interior car detailing is common all throughout the world and Fort Wayne Hoosiers are no exception. Fort Wayne  Auto Detailing has several interior packages to choose from. We also provide interior detailing for all vehicle types, from small sport cars to large SUVs. No job is too big or too small. Auto detailing does not generally involve restoration, such as repairing and restoring damaged interiors. More or less, interior detailing involves an advance cleaning method that can often times leave your vehicle looking and feeling new again.

What’s the Difference Between a Shop and You?

Car detailing can often times even provide better efficiency for your vehicle by removing clutter. However, a clean and fresh interior mostly provides a certain quality and contentment while operating your vehicle. There are lots of car detailing shops to choose from in Fort Wayne, but only a few like us, who offer a “we come to you” service. We can help shave off an hour or more that is typically associated with scheduling car detailing. People are super busy getting important things done day-to-day, so we created a business model for busy people. As a mobile auto detailing service, we removed the hassle of pick-up and drop-off scheduling. Fort Wayne Auto Detailing also has a great exterior package as well. Of course you can settle for the drive through tunnel wash, but to be honest, most higher end car owners know that those tunnel washes can leave massive micro-scratches on the vehicle. I mean, how do you know whether a muddy and gritty truck just went before you? We have perfected a rinseless wash system that minimizes micro-scratches. Once your vehicle’s exterior is thoroughly cleaned, we put on an industrial grade hybrid paint protection sealant that can last up to 4 months.¬† As part of our external car detailing package, we provide a deep wheel and tire cleaning that is unmatched by automated car washes. The comparison between what we offer and what an automated car tunnel wash offers is equivalent to comparing fast food and a home cooked meal.

What All Do I Get with Your Basic Interior Package?

Even our basic interior package is a full interior car detailing. We provide a full wipe down of the interior’s front, dashboard, center counsel, backseat area, and trunk. We also provide a thorough vacuuming of those same areas. Once this is complete, we condition all rubber, vinyl, plastic and leather with our industrial grade UV and conditioner protectant. Services also included with the basic is a thorough door jam and base trim cleaning. All floor mats are either vacuumed or hand washed depending on the material they are made of.

So Why Should I Choose you?

Please take a peak at our service record on google. We have a 100% satisfaction service history. Fort Wayne Auto Detailing is very adamant about leaving you completely satisfied with our service. If you’re considering getting your car detailing done soon, call us or text us so that we can get you scheduled today! Call 260-204-1330