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Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner

Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner

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Pet Stain & Oder Removal Services

When you need pet stain carpet cleaning & removal, you may produce mediocre results with the DIY internet solutions. Rather, contact a carpet cleaning professional who makes use of special methodologies and modern industrial solutions to remove stains and odors. Here are three methods that professional carpet cleaning companies use to permanently eliminate pet spots.

3 Professional Animal Stain Removal Approaches
Pet Spot Carpet Cleaner Fort Wayne, IN

1. Vapor Clean the Floor

Even if you soak up a pet urine and vacuum the area once it’s completely dry, chances are there is a lot of remaining urine in the carpet. Expert grade steam cleansing provides much deeper elimination to the base of the carpet, reducing staining of the fibers and pad. This technique also stops stains from re-emerging, which cleaning fluids bring on by getting to the pads & fibers.

2. Eco-Friendly, Safe Carpet Cleaner

Hardware and store carpet cleaners have chemicals like formaldehyde, acetone, and pesticides, which leave an intense chemical odors and can be harmful to children and pet. Stay clear of these choices by having a specialist carpet cleaner use eco-friendly, non-toxic options for pet stain removal. Specialists do not clean with items that leave chemical or persisting pet odors, which encourage your pet to continue using the location as an individual bathroom. They utilize items that aren’t hazardous to your pets and kids, while still permanently removing and stopping spots.

3. Fiber Guard

.You won’t need to worry about animal stain eliminations when your carpet cleaning service technicians coats the carpet fibers with Scotchgard ®. This protector keeps your carpet feeling great while also resisting fluid absorbation. Professionals spray this finishing on floor covering as well as furniture to prevent future family pet discolorations. Furthermore, Scotchgard ® will stop areas from coming back, ensuring your carpet looks terrific for years ahead.

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Responsible Carpet Cleaning

During these trying times, we wanted to let our customers know that we’re here to serve them. With enhanced safety policies and a new hard surface disinfectant, we can help keep your home cleaner, healthier, and safer.

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